LHM Radio Show Network - A show highlighting the BEST of humanity!

 Imagine a show that highlights the very best of humanity? Imagine people doing amazing things to make our world a better place for everyone around them?  Well my friends, this is that show! 

Welcome to THE LHM RADIO SHOW - Every week we focus on just that - GREAT PEOPLE DOING GREAT THINGS - and then we add another element... the GOD given gift of music. MUSIC is so much more than your favorite song on the radio, its a universal language, it brings so many together.... and it heals the mind, body & soul.

On our show, we will share the incredible stories that are behind the GREATEST music ever written and we interview the celebrities who create it. We spotlight how music continues to heal & change lives. Lastly, but definitely not least.... we tie it all together with HONOR and bring you the amazing stories of our wounded combat military HEROES and our mission to make their lives that much better! - Thank-you for listening, we appreciate your comments & support! - LHM  Radio Show